The ultimate way to HIGH

More powerful than a Dab Rig 

Less smoke than a vape

Unlike a vaporizer, the HeliYum Haze uses pure helium instead of air. Eliminating oxygen from the combustion chamber means ZERO SMOKE, more THC and a better, faster, stronger HIGH!

You can inhale deeper, hold for longer, and deliver more active cannabinoids with almost no coughing - because without oxygen, nothing burns - and that means no smoke.

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Breathing is Believing!SM

better than a vaporizer 

Looking for the next biggest thing?

The HeliYum Haze uses non-oxygenated (pure) gasses (such as helium or nitrogen) to vaporize plant matter such as cannabis or tobacco. By vaporizing in an oxygen free environment, the plant matter can be heated to a very high temperature without causing combustion.

One Breath

 Delivers amazing intense results.

No Smoke

No coughing as nothing is burning.

Cost Savings

No concentrate required.

Instant Effect

Fast acting for instantaneous effects.

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Patented in Canada, Patent Number 3,009,402. Patent Pending in United States.   

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